BUT, stricl money manegement should be rigiously followed to attain capital appreciation

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Future profit.com calls is a robust trading expertise whose core values are based on solid technical analysis and research and is one of the most trusted stocks and commodity market advisor.

we are the only company which specializes in providing Quality Swing trading calls which maxims your profit.

We are the leading stock market advisiory company having our presence in india since 2007 providing research and information on indian Capital Market based on technical analysis and enjoys a strong reputation amongst brokers, corporate traders. researchers and investors, We have in depth understanding of financial markets, indian economy, industry and companies and other leverage instruments. it's one of the most trusted names when it comes to knowledge on technical analysis of indian stock market trading.

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Of course many traders come to equity market for making money find it lucrative, but they lack the technical aspect which is most required, and then end up losing hard earned money cursing the luck factor.

Secondly the other, a few hands full of traders earn quite well in few trades, but the dilemma is at the end without following proper money management lose enen more than what they have earned in the previous trades. so the end result is heavy brokerages, huge loss, no proper trading tools and frustration thinking stock trading in dependent much on the so called luck factor.

BUT surprisingly there also exists other breeds of smart traders who consistently keep on minting money in the market, don't have to curse their luck, pay less brokerage and are always on the winning edge, trade less but with perfect trading tools.


As the ultimate AIM of investment is wealth creation in the same way we strongly believe, the ultimate aim of any trading system including technical aspect, fundamentally aspects should be such that at the end it should fruitfully “appreciate the capital”. So, if a trading system does not guarantee capital appreciation it’s a waist.

We at FUTURE SMART PROFIT are totally committed, dedicated and focused with a CLEAR MINDSETof making yourCAPITAL GROWwith our Future smart calls. So month on month basis your capital should grow and should be on the winning edge.

Difference between Future smart trades V/s others



No. of trades 30 to 45 trades 7 to 8 swing trades trending market
Peace on mind Doubt Guaranteed
Categorizing Calls Jackpot, Premium ,HNI, Insiders,rich man’s calls, poor man’s calls Just one Swing power trades
Pricing Very high Moderate Affordable subscription
Capital appreciation Doubt or very low Very High
Money management explained Never Yes
Carry On Other Profession No as call rates are extremely high Yes, as the calls are limited
Full time Monitor the rates Yes, of course Not required at all


Our Calls Guarantees Quality over Quantity calls + Capital appreciation

Our calls capture major breakout and breakdown (SWING TRADES) movements only
Calls as per sector rotation
Maximum period of 4 -5 days holding only
One entry one exit level really simple to understand
Accuracy level 96%

As we firmly believe BIG MONEY can only be made by Swing trading by trading with the trend either BUYING or SELLING. As it is rightly said TREND is your FRIEND. The ultimate aim of all our calls is “CAPITAL APPRECIATION.”

What is swing trading

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what is a swing trading strategy??

The major price movements that are captured only during the time of BREAKOUTS and BREAKWOWNS of any stocks is what we call as Swing trading strategy. We specialize in providing swing trades .So we don’t trade the accumulation and distribution phase of any stocks. It’s the smartest price movements which gives maximum profits in 3 to 4 days only as the trades in executed only during the time of breakout or breakdown of any stocks, so MAXIMUM profits with Minimum risk per trades.

Classic Example of sharp price movements out of the channels only during the time if major breakouts and breakdown

Number of calls in a month

1. In strong trending market 5 to 6 calls in a month and in range bound market 8 to 9 calls as simple without much complications

2. Maximum 1 or two open position at a time not more than that

Time for holding tradors

In strong trending market 4 to 5 days and in range bound market 2 to 3 days as simple We at FUTURE SMART PROFIT are totally committed, dedicated and focused with a CLEAR MINDSETof making yourCAPITAL GROWwith our Future smart calls. So month on month basis your capital should grow and should be on the winning edge.


We keep it simple, no complication at all, so no intraday, no jackpot, no insiders no outsiders calls, no premium or super premium pack or packages calls or HNI calls, and not even fooling around of so called operator based calls. It’s a big puzzle in which retail traders gets stuck and trapped and eventually ends with nothing but paying a heavy subscription without being guided about money management.

Instead of such above mentioned ORTHODOX mannerism of trading we have kept a “SIMPLE CALLS STRUCTURE “which fulfills the basic purpose of trading by appreciating the capital of traders, the reason why anybody trades. WE PROVIDE SHORT POSITIONAL CALLS IN FUTURE SEGMENTS ONLY.

  • For profession traders or part time traders
  • For traders trading in heavy volumes
  • People who are on consistent loss for years
  • For new beginners having no in depth technical and fundamental knowledge of the market
  • For people carrying other profession and cant devote entire time watching screen
  • For retail and corporate trades
  • Housewives and even college going student can make fortune with our accurate calls
Who should seriously subscribe:
  • People for whom profit matters at the end of the trading activity
  • Traders looking for calls accuracy levels to be much higher
  • Traders wants peace of mind by trading less but yet gaining huge profits
  • Traders who want Quality calls over Quantity calls
  • Traders who want to grow their capital in stock and commodity market on consistent basis
  • Traders following proper money management strategy
Who shouldn’t subscribe:
  • Impulsive traders willing to trade each and every stock now and then(are u one of them)
  • Intraday traders trading 4 to 5 scripts at a time with no profit oriented focus
  • Traders who want and believe in so called jackpot or super premium calls
  • Traders following no proper money management strategy i.e., risking entire capital in one single trade
  • Traders who’re just anxious and excited to take any position in the market

Happy Words of Our Happy Customers


Future Trading Solutions, Krushna vandan r/h no.5, Anand nagar

Future Trading Solutions, Krushna vandan r/h no.5, Anand nagar

Future Trading Solutions, Krushna vandan r/h no.5, Anand nagar